Who are we and why Motorsports?

The heart of our mindset is focused on the Laws of Physics that govern vehicle movement and force as well as building a likeminded culture. Working within these laws allows us to not only instruct drivers and riders on what their cars and bikes are doing but focuses more on why they are doing it.

By understanding the whys we can better help each driver and rider make sound choices about what they want to achieve and help them develop a plan to get it done, most importantly on an individual basis.

We are striving to build a community of likeminded enthusiasts who have an interest in working together, learning together, and becoming better together in a sport we all love. We are building a culture of people with a strong commitment to a great sport and a heightened maturity level for understanding the seriousness of the task at hand. Our clientele tends to be serious about becoming better drivers/riders, as opposed to showing how fast they are. The crawl, walk, run theory works for real drivers.

We are working towards becoming known as one of the safest, most organized and well-run organizations around while still maintaining maximum fun with a laid-back attitude. Our staff is very approachable and we do accept suggestions from our customer base. If we can give you what you want and reach you through your eyes, then you will stay loyal and want to be part of the culture and club environment we have created. So, feel free to talk to our staff when we are not running around getting organized.

We separate the drivers/riders into classes/groups according to experience and control that they exhibit. A-Experienced (exhibiting control know-how and safety to other drivers, while maintaining speed), B-intermediate (understanding the safety aspects but aren’t quite up to total control and need a bit more space to work on control at speed), C- beginners (Drivers breaking into the sport or coming up through the ranks working on skillsets of overall control). If we do not know how you drive, we usually start you in a lower group and watch you carefully, as you show control we quickly move you into another group. Movement up or down in your groups is solely based on the performance that you show that day. So, it’s not about knowing the grid worker but rather it is about performing safely and

exhibiting excellent control. In other words, we don’t just turn people loose and let them fend for themselves. We give students the opportunity and flexibility to prove themselves and this method usually allows us to quickly maximize the amount of drive time on the track/skid pad. We pride ourselves on maximizing your on-track drive time. You paid us to drive not watch. There are several variables that slow this process down, spinouts, breakdowns, liquid spills, etc. This is where having a mature crowd who care about their fellow culture comes into play. If we all play by the rules and make the day safe and productive we all get the benefits. Thank you ahead of time for helping us run kick ass events for you, without you, we would not exist…


Beep Beep – Retired

Born in 2005 with 70cc of fire breathing Honda Fury this little air-cooled munchkin scoots around the course with ease helping the staff members pick up cones. Often times seen trying to toss his nose up in the air during a wheelie, he can be a bit cocky, but will always get the job done.

Beep Beep was retired in November, 2020.


Beep Beep’s stronger, younger brother born in 2010 he is the assistant cone grabber, he starts with the push of a button and never needs a swift kick in the ass to get going like his stubborn brother Beep Beep. If you see him scuttling around don’t hesitate to stop him and say “Hi!” He is often found making announcements with Anthony for which run group is up next as he loves to be the center of attention.



Born in March of 2004, this little pink beastie packs a seriously unsuspecting punch. His owner built him with so much torque that he tends to have a mind of his own when you’re on the throttle. Vastly violated there is very few parts of this SRT-4 that are left untouched. Often known as the pretty face, he will make track appearances from time to time stretching his legs and scurrying about the course in any which direction he so chooses.


The eldest of the tribe born in 2001 Musky brings American poise and wisdom to the group. He has a tendency to be temperamental and demand a different upgrade each year when he blows something to smithereens. His defiant snicker lets you know he’s all about going faster, being stronger, and having the best of the best when it comes to his modifications. Musky is the Chief Demo Officer (CDO) of GIG Motorsports and will often be seen testing tracks, and performing follow the leader drills to show correct path of travel and technique. While he is set up for Autocross he does enjoy a nice drift every once in a while and dreams of going to the racetrack someday.



Sharing a birthday with Speedy, Snow Truck is the master of all trades. From plowing the course, to setup, towing, and going where no truck has gone before – he gets it all done without breaking a sweat. He loves showing off his liftgate and carrying around the course workers, cones and the valiant cone grabbers. He always shows up ready to work and poised for duty.

Turby II

The youngest of the group born in 2016, he’s the most eager of the bunch to prove his abilities. Often seen towing Musky to events, this turbo diesel rig does anything asked of him with enthusiasm. Like Snow Truck he yearns for more modifications but understands that he must remain functional for the betterment of the company. Sometimes he is seen playing follow the leader and was even caught once out on the tarmac running the course. A stubborn little fellow, but we love him just the same.