GIG Motorsports, LTD. Cancellation Policy

Hey there! We’re excited you’ve chosen to drive with us during one of our motorsports events, but before the day begins we would like to go over our cancellation policy with you. We get it, things happen, but our venues aren’t always as understanding as we are. With that being said, we’ve put a few things in place to hopefully help you navigate registration a bit better, and answer any questions you may have regarding registration and canceling your date to drive with us.

All Registration fees are non-refundable

When you register it secures your spot on the track. We can only allow so many drivers per track, per event, otherwise, you wouldn’t get any driving time and it could become unsafe. To prevent that, we cap the driver number for events. We need to have enough participants to make the event fun, give you enough driving time, be able to pay the track bills and make a little profit on the top so we can keep providing you with awesome events for years to come!

Should you have to CANCEL:

  1. Within 15 days of the event start date: Your registration fee will be transferable to another event within the calendar year. If you cannot make any events in the calendar year we can transfer your registration to the following year for a $50 fee.
  2. Within 8-14 days of the event start date: Your registration fee can be transferred to another event for a $50 fee.
  3. Less than 8 days before the event start date: If someone else takes your place and pays in full – we will credit you one-half of your original registration fee to another date in that calendar year (please note – this MUST be confirmed via email before completion). If we cannot fill your spot there is no credit applied.
  4. In addition, it is important to note that transferring a day is the same as canceling and the money will not be available to us to pay the track bills and offer great events.

Vehicle Failure

The following is a list including but not limited to, vehicle failures which render your vehicle inoperable on the course for the day.

  1. Crash
  2. Mechanical Failure
  3. Other failure
  4. Inability to pass tech inspection

We cannot be held responsible for an improperly maintained vehicle. We will not offer refunds for any vehicle that meets the above criteria (or other criteria that renders the vehicle inoperable at any time during the event.)

No Shows

  1. If you did not have previous conversations via phone, email, text, or Facebook with GIGMotorsports, LTD. Management staff and you do not show up for the event, you will not be issued any credit.
  2. If you did speak with ask, get it in writing so we both have a copy. If you did not get a confirmation email from us – then do not consider yourself canceled until you get one.

What if GIG Motorsports. LTD cancels?

  1. You will be issued a full credit towards another event of ours of the same price.
  2. This credit is valid for 365 days from the date of issuance.
  3. If you prefer to receive a refund for an event that GIG Motorsports cancels, there will be a $25 fee, plus a 5% transaction fee for any refunded payment.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: We drive rain or shine! The rain offers an opportunity to fine tune your skills on the edge of control.