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Section 1.0


Driver Classifications:

There will be three driver classifications for our events. Some events may be held for specific classes, but our main events will be for all three driver classes. These classes are defined not just by the car, but by the driver, their abilities on the track and their understanding of vehicle dynamics and how to navigate the course. Your class/group will be determined by GIG Motorsports personnel prior to the event-start and may be adjusted during the event depending upon performance/instructor’s evaluation. These groups are created to make the experience fun and exciting for everyone involved and to maximize your time out on the tarmac.

1.1 Advanced Group/Black Group:

As a driver, you understand vehicle dynamics, the course, the line, and how to navigate these in a safe, effective and efficient manner while having complete control of your vehicle. Tandem is allowed in this group due to driver ability and the vehicles meeting all of the safety requirements detailed in the tech inspection, inclusive of a roll cage.

1.2 Intermediate Group/Blue Group:

As a driver, your understanding of vehicle dynamics, the course and the line is markedly improved from when you first started drifting the course. You have control of your vehicle but there are moments when your maintenance of the line, or choices around the track, are not ideal but you’re halfway there. The car does not have all of the required safety equipment to run in tandem/advanced group in addition to your skill-sets not meeting the requirements as determined by GIG Motorsports instructors.

1.3 Novice Group/Red Group:

Welcome to drifting! Your understanding of vehicle dynamics, your car, the track, “the line” and how to manipulate the controls and inputs to drift successfully are just beginning. Every expert was once a beginner and we welcome you to the sport! Keep an eye out for Think/Slide Pink Drifting clinics where we will teach you how to understand everything involved to get your car sideways and hang that drift for the entire corner. As with the other groups, your car must meet all tech requirements.

Section 2.0


Safety Requirements:

GIG Motorsports loves to race and drift just as much as you do! With that being said we need to ensure the safety of all participants at all of our events, hence, safety rules and requirements. You must meet all of these requirements in order to be allowed to participate. These requirements are meant to maintain everyone’s safety, please read them in their entirety.


2.1 General Safety Requirements:

  • No one under the age of 18 will be allowed at certain venues due to insurance regulations/track requirements. Please check track specific links for guidelines for each venue.
  • No passengers allowed at any times, due to insurance regulations.
    • Exception: GIG Motorsports Instructors
  • All vehicles must pass a tech inspection in order to be allowed entry into the event.
  • Fire Extinguishers are required in all vehicles regardless of class, each vehicle must have their own extinguisher mounted inside the vehicle, due to track regulations they cannot be shared amongst cars.
  • GoPros and other similar recording devices must be wired and adequately secured to the vehicle at all times.
  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed at GIG Motorsports events at any time.
  • Drivers must meet all safety requirements in order to drift in any event.
  • The Pit Area is a “no wake” zone, speeds in excess of 10mph are not allowed.
  • NO BURNOUTS of any kind, you may, however, prep your tires on the start line. Anyone found performing an intentional burnout while on the track or off will receive a verbal warning for the first offense, and asked to leave after the second offense.
  • Drivers must keep pit areas free of all debris and trash throughout the duration of the event, and clean their area prior to leaving. Please maintain the cleanliness of the facility so we can drift these venues for the entire season!
  • All Participants are required to sign a Photo Release Form and a Liability waiver in addition to the track liability waiver and signature requirements.

2.2 Driver Safety Requirements:

  • All drivers are required to wear the following: closed toe shoes, long pants, a sleeved shirt and a helmet. Proper clothing is required in order to drift at our events.
  • Drivers must present a valid Driver’s license, no unlicensed drivers will be permitted on the course.
  • Helmets are REQUIRED: SA2005, SA2010, SAH2010, SFI Foundation Spec 31.2, Spec 31.2A, FIA 8860-2004, 8860-2001.
  • Helmets that are NOT allowed: M helmets, DOT helmets, Open face helmets of any kind.
  • Helmets must not show any signs of damage, or excessive wear, be within date-range and in good condition. Chin strap must be fastened at all times while in the vehicle.
  • Safety belts must be fastened at all times if a vehicle has aftermarket harnesses they must be affixed in a nature recommended by the manufacturer and be within proper date range in order to be used.
  • Driver safety meetings are held at the start of every event – these are mandatory for all participants – no exceptions.
  • Corner workers are imperative to track safety and a smooth running event. Please abide by their flags and instructions to keep the track safe and fun for everyone. Descriptions of what to expect from corner workers will be explained during the morning driver’s meeting.

2.3 Car Safety Requirements:

  • All vehicles must pass a tech inspection prior to event start. Any vehicle which does not pass for any reason which cannot be remedied immediately and re-teched will not be allowed to run.
  • Vehicles should be inspected by a certified mechanic who is familiar with the vehicle prior to event.
    Please refer to tech inspection form for specific stipulations. – form must be filled out prior to event
  • Fire extinguishers must be securely fastened inside the vehicle compartment.
  • Trucks, Vans, SUV’s and other similar vehicles are not allowed to drift during events without prior approval from GIG Motorsports personnel.
  • Convertible vehicles are allowed on the course – but rollover protection is required.
  • All loose items must be removed from the vehicle prior to tech inspection and the vehicle must remain free of loose items throughout the duration of the event.
  • Cages are required for Expert/Advanced level groups and tandem driving. Cages must meet safety regulations.
  • If your vehicle is leaking fluids, they must be cleaned up promptly – by the vehicle operator – and you will not be allowed to run. If the issue can be remedied immediately the car can be re-teched and admitted back onto the course at the discretion of GIG Motorsports tech personnel.
  • Tech inspection will be performed by a certified GIG Motorsports Team Member prior to event start, please ensure your vehicle is free of any loose items and ready to be teched when the team member arrives. Upon successful tech inspection completion your car will be marked with the appropriate class decal and cleared to drift.

Please see tech forms for specific information regarding all specific information and requirements for all cars prior to entry to our events.


2.4 Spectator Safety Requirements:

  • No one under the age of 18 will be allowed at certain venues due to insurance regulations/track requirements. Please see venue specific links on our page for more information.
  • Spectators must watch from the designated spectator area – if a spectator is found in a non-designated area or on a hot park of the track they will be asked to leave
  • Spectators are not permitted to do ride-alongs due to insurance regulations/track requirements.
  • Spectator vehicles must be parked in the designated parking area
  • Spectators are also required to maintain the cleanliness of the facility and deposit all trash in marked receptacles.
  • All Spectators are required to sign a Photo Release Form and a Liability waiver in addition to the track liability waiver and signature requirements.

Rules are subject to change at any time and are at the discretion of the GIG Motorsports team. These rules are in place so that we can ensure a fun, safe, and challenging environment for all drivers, regardless of which class they are in. If you have any questions regarding the Rules, Tech Form or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help!