Media Application

  • IN EXCHANGE FOR MEDIA ACCESS APPLICANTS AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING: - All media personnel agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by GIG Motorsports Rulebook as well as the rules and regulations of each individual track which are subject to change. - I agree to wear appropriate attire and remain in the areas designated by both the track and GIG Motorsports, LTD. staff - There will be a mandatory media meeting prior to the start of the event. - It is mandatory that all approved media personnel must add the GIG Motorsports logo to all media and imagery taken during the event. Logo will be provided to approved personnel via email. Logo must remain on imagery when shared on any social media avenue, website, or other outlet. We'll tag you in the event album, you tag us in your posts as well. - All media personnel must upload their photos and videos with the GIG Motorsports logo to the GIG Motorsports Facebook page, Videos to the GIG Motorsports YouTube page, and send all finalized files to - You are allowed to maintain your own logo in addition to the GIG Motorsports logo on all imagery and videos for marketing purposes. - Prior to posting all pictures must be sent to GIG Motorsports for approval. - Please note all media applications must be approved, and submission of this application does not guarantee access. Applicants will be notified via email.